They Call it Quinzee…

DSC_0494 After a grueling trip from San Diego we finally have landed in Quincy Massachuttis (Note to self : Learn to spell the state we are in – spell check had no suggestions).

The attractive pic above is the first of me in our new digs at the lovely Quincy Hills Condos Estates. We will be hanging out here while searching for a permanent place. Amy has settled in at her job at EMD Serono and, of course, split for a trip to Germany first thing. This gave Bingo and I a chance to explore the new land, just like the Pilgrims.

We’ve landed a few miles north of Plymouth Rock (Most heard comment “Really? That’s it?”). Quincy is famous for having not one, but TWO ex-Presidents buried in the floor of a church. I’m still working on the historical significance of that. All we have in California is the ashes of Ronald Reagan sprinkled in the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland…or was that Nixon? Anyway…

This place is just busting with history – and by history I mean really old buildings and really old streets. To illustrate, here is a map of an area of Quincy –

ScreenHunter_05 Jun. 18 13.40  

And here is a pile of spilled spaghetti           images (1)

Anyone see any resemblance? In a future episode we will discuss the toll 16th century road design takes on a modern GPS unit.

Because this is New England we felt obligated to enjoy it’s native cuisine, so before Amy escaped to Frankfurt we hunted down a prime purveyor of Lobster Rolls. We stopped in a little place in Scituate (which is pronounced just like its spelled…BOS-TON)


I ordered the afore-mentioned Lobster Roll and a large Coke. It seems the drink-size police from New York are migrating north.


At last the first order of business was accomplished…my first lobster roll!


I might also note that I was the only person in the entire state that was wearing an Aloha shirt that day. I expect that to be a continuing theme for as long as we are here!

Day 1 no Aloha Shirt sightings




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