A Tale of Two Cities (Part 1)

US Map2

A Tale of Two Cities

Quincy, Massachusetts

In 1620 English Puritans (having been asked to leave England because they were no fun) landed at Plymouth. The affable captain of the Carnival Cruise Ship Mayflower cried out “Welcome to Florida!” and had everyone march down the gangplank (conveniently anchored to a rock) whistling “Margaritaville”. Fortunately for the Mayflower, they had favorable winds and returned to England in record time. Unfortunately for the Pilgrims they had been dumped off in the 17th century version of Detroit and they weren’t even allowed to curse at the Capitan (Puritans, you know).

After the first Thanksgiving in 1621 Miles Standish and a few of the boys decided to walk off the feast and found an area that had been cleared of trees for farming. EmptyField

They thought this would be a great place to play games after the Thanksgiving meal and so they built a football stadium – Miles Standish Stadium. Unfortunately, football wouldn’t be invented for 200 years.

In 1625 Thomas Morton took over leadership of the settlement and quickly got a reputation for drunkenness and debauchery with native women.

(Note: Woodcut deleted – Imagine Animal House with loincloths)

Morton renamed the settlement Ma-re-Mount (“Merrymount”..uh, wink-wink). He later wrote, in reference to the conservative colonists of Plymouth Colony who disapproved of his wild ways, they were “threatening to make it a woeful mount and not a merry mount”. They, of course, arrested him.

People soon found that the whole area was solid rock and not that great for farming.


  In a stroke of Yankee genius they realized that they could “harvest” granite and sell it around the world. Most great stone buildings are made of Quincy granite including the Pyramids, St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Roman Aqueducts.

Quincy has 426 pubs, taverns and bars.

  sign 1

They serve bar food…


Not many people go there for the food…


There are 147 Auto Body Shops in Quincy.

The Howard Johnson’s and Dunkin’ Donuts restaurant chains were both founded in Quincy.

Next time we’ll examine the differences between Quincy and San Diego…it may be a very long column.

Day 8 no Aloha Shirt sightings




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