Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’ On the River…

18487630-028In honor of Tina Turner finally marrying Erwin Bach I’m proud to give you the first glimpse of out new digs on the North River in lovely Hanover Massachusetts.

But first, this Bach character. 

At 57, I personally think he’s taking his life in his hands marrying Tina who, although she is 73, has the most powerful thighs in show business.

images Tina has thighs that make most NFL running backs jealous. As she said, “Try dancing on high heels every night for 30 years…”.

Given some of the…shall we say “revelations” recently in professional sports that may have been the training regimen of some pro ballers…did I just say pro ballers? Moving on.

Of course, Tina dated this Bach guy for 20 years just to make sure she wasn’t going to marry another psycho. He is described as a German record executive. That’s kinda like being a  German surfing instructor. Yeah, I suppose you could do it – but really?

The celebration was described as an intimate Buddhist ceremony conducted in Switzerland with 120 of their closest friends, like Oprah and David Bowie.

Seems to me that finding a Buddhist monk in Switzerland would be as hard as finding , oh I don’t know, a German record executive. Or, even as hard as finding a yearly rental in an area that specializes in summer rentals.

The area we are in is known as the South Shore. Here, vacationing Bostonians throw off their prim and proper ways for two weeks of sweltering in the humid sun and drinking in pubs with guys named Sully. Fortunately it is south of the Boston traffic we’ve all learned to know and love. We lucked out and found a cool house on the North River on Craiglist. (Thanks a lot, very expensive real estate agent with the Lexus who only sent info about houses that were listed on the MLS).

Here’s the view out the back.


And here’s some pictures of the house with somebody else’s furniture in it.


It is built in the New England style of 80% kitchen. 20% places to sleep. This was tradition in Olde New England when they didn’t have central heating, central air or central plumbing. Thank God they got that plumbing thing worked out.

Now, some information about our new home town. Hanover was first settled by English colonists in 1649 when William Barstow, a farmer, built a bridge along the North River. Building a bridge is sort of the colonial version of Walt Disney building Disneyland in far off Anaheim. Next thing you know there’s nothing but cheap hotels and T-shirt shops as far as the eye can see.

Hanover is governed by the open town meeting form of government, which is generally guys named Sully complaining about the vacationers from Boston taking up all the stools in front of the Keno screens in their favorite bar, pub or tavern.

We also have a new form of hybrid in the area , the wolf-coyote. Oh great. Now we can look forward to the SciFi Channel movie “Fangs Along the Cape ”.  It ain’t “Sharknado” but seeing Martha’s Vineyard home owners fight off snarling monsters with only a martini glass and a Harvard tie is something I would watch (or at least record).

In the Summer of 2012  Hanover became home to the New England Football League’s newest expansion Minor League Football Team – The Coastal Chiefs. Home games are played at Hanover High School. They have a 0-0-14 record against the local Lingerie Football League team The South Shore Sullys.

We are accepting applications for people who want to experience a real New England Christmas…we’ll be in San Diego.

Day 50 no Aloha Shirt sightings


One thought on “Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’ On the River…

  1. Looks like a nice place to live Fred. Is it a rental?? Loving your blog. Good way to keep us updated. When do you move in ??

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