Things I like about New England

I realized that this whole blog was beginning to look like a total bitch-fest. I’ve worked all over the country and survived, so this Massachusetts thing shouldn’t be that hard. After all, this is the home of Norman Rockwell, Benjamin Franklin and Dr. Seuss.

So, what do I like about Boston?

Nothin' but the 70s1. WROR, Classic rock radio for Boston.

This is the firstClassic Rock station I have listened to that I have liked every single song. (Note: don’t click on the PLAY button – nothing will happen)


375758_10151410826781607_433743940_n It’s like someone is in my living room, pulling albums out of my record collection and playing just the songs I like! Of course I don’t have a record collection anymore, or a record player or one of those cool christmas-lights-in-a-box that flash on and off to the music…



Recipe photo 2. New England style hot dog buns

These are a little weird. They bake these little loaves and then split them on the top. They are also used for the world famous lobster roll. They are kinda cool the way the hot dog won’t roll out of the bun.





3. People here are nice.

Oh sure, they turn into raving lunatics in their cars (calm down Fred) but in general they are almost Minnesota nice. I haven’t heard one snide comment about my Aloha shirts – as opposed to other places (are you listening New Jersey?).


imgres4. Lobster…$5.95 a pound, seriously, $5.95 a pound. 





imgres 5. When you go into a store the person there sounds like the guy on the Pepperidge Farm commercials






boston_weather_contrasts-300x113 6. Talking about the weather.

Oh sure, the weather sucks and everyone knows it, but there is an immediate camaraderie with anyone just by commenting about the weather. Boston is the “Sybil” of weather. The schizophrenic cousin of meteorology no one talks about. However…THE NEXT PERSON WHO SAYS,” JUST WAIT 10 MINUTES AND IT’LL CHANGE…” I’M GOING TOTALLY POSTAL ON…




7. They hate the Yankees…’nuff said.





What do I miss?




Day 55 No Aloha Shirt Sightings


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