The Amazing Shrinking House…or…A Picture Adds a Thousand Square Feet.

(more theatre of the mind – read as the Rocky and Bullwinkle announcer)

When we last joined our heroes they were up to their chair rails in corrugated cardboard, packing paper and coupons for tanning salons (this is New England after all).





Upon delivery of the giant truckload of stuff from Rancho Valle Grande one thing became increasingly clear. The River Road house was certainly smaller than it appeared.  



A full third of the square footage is what Realtors refer to as the “lower level” (which is what the rest of the world calls a basement). Amy made the mistake of christening the area the “Man Cave” and gave me free hand to make it my personal midlife crises playground.


I immediately claimed the area with my “California Survival Collage” originally made for the New Jersey basement. It hasn’t been too difficult to fill the below-ground area with the trappings of an extended adolescence.


There is a huge guest suite above the garage which would be perfect for whiny rebellious teenagers, which fortunately, we have a shortage of. So count another 600 square feet as basically useless space.



I have the sneaking suspicion they also included the river dock, the decks , and the chicken coop in the neighbor’s yard in the listed square footage.

Stay tuned for our next adventure

Name your 

Day 69 no Aloha Shirt sightings


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