The Long Goodbye or Give My Regards to Darmstadt

A correction: I have been informed that my use of “Boola Boola” in the previous column was incorrect as “Boola Boola” is evidently what Yale University students yell at football games as opposed to Harvard’s “Rah, Rah, Rah” and “Fight Fiercely, Harvard”. My mistake was a normal one since neither has ever been in the Rose Bowl and the only way to tell Harvard and Yale apart is by the colors of their ties.

I was going to call this “What I Did On My Summer Vacation” but I think the preceding three month whine fest pretty much covered that. Looks like my babe Amy is going to be travelling a whole lot on this Boston gig.LPL

So I’m putting together my Lobster Pot List for the coming months. These need to be things I can do solo (or with Bingo) and also be activities that the lovely Miss Amy would have zero interest in.

I tried a site, “50 Things to do on the South Shore”. The most prevalent words were view, walk, hike, explore, tour, eat and shop. Ummm…no.



They also suggest a trip to one of the largest Renaissance Fairs in New England, a paintball attack arena and a visit to a turkey farm…of course we all remember what fun turkey farms are from the 2008 elections.




This list thing isn’t going too well…

So I decided to make my own observations of what the locals do for fun. That took about 30 seconds…they drink.


I’ve just read about the 9th annual Endless Summer Waterfront Festival  Celebration that will be going on next weekend in Hull, MA. Amy will have returned to Germany so I will be flying solo on my first chance to observe Residencus New Englandus Naitivus in their natural setting. I’ll be dragging along my new HD camcorder so I will be making this a video blog!

If it doesn’t snow…

Stay tuned for next week’s adventure.

Last Gasp

                                                                                  Day 97 no Aloha Shirt…oh forget it…


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