What I did on my Christmas Vacation.


View video on YouTube…it looks a lot better!

High points

  • Being told by a TSA agent that I looked like Tom Selleck. Which, unfortunately, was followed by a strip search by a large black woman.
  • I-15 – eight lanes plus four HOV lanes…75mph baby!
  • Seeing a Golden Retriever/Corgi mix dog at a craft fair. He was like a lowered Golden…all he needed was pin striping, mud flaps and a “La Cucaracha” horn.
  • Watching Ryan Seacrest at New Years flanked by some unknown (to me) scruffy guys known as Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and a totally stoned Debra Harry. I think he wanted to kiss Miley Cyrus but her tongue was frozen to a metal microphone stand.
  • Watching Jenny McCarthy get a tonsillectomy from her newest boy toy
  • A representative of “Dr. Green” in front of his Venice Beach office told me that I probably (wink-wink) could get a prescription for Medical Marijuana.
  • The pilot announcing as we left LAX that the Boston Airport was closed and they hoped it would be open by the time we got there.
  • Landing safely and not hearing “Welcome to Atlanta…”

Everybody have a GREAT NEW YEAR!


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