Leftovers Night

While cleaning out the hard drive I realized that there are quite a few main courses I haven’t finished…there they were all wrapped up in Saran Wrap and stuck in the back of the fridge. This reminds me of Thursday night. At our house Thursday night was leftover night. Mom would pull out the remains of dinners past and re-heat, re-constitute or camouflage what she joyfully called “dibs and dabs”.
Our name for it was a little less kind.

So in the spirit of Thursday night here are bits that never turned into a blog. Feel free to feed anything you don’t like to the dog.

Country Music

I write better when I’m tired. Kind of like the songwriters of the 60s and 70s who said they needed to be stoned to write.
They gave us classics like “Incense and Peppermint” and  “In A Gadda Da Vida”.

footloose Speaking of music I’ve been listening to New Country music lately. I’m wondering if New Country Music is really new, country music. I got interested in country when I first heard Emmylou Harris in the early 70s. When I got my matrimonial walking papers, in the early 90’s, Urban Cowboy II (the Garth Brooks years) was in full flight. Hundreds of faux honky-tonks bustin’ at the seams with boot scootin’, line dancin’, buckle polishing secretaries and dental assistants. They filled the dance floor to the tunes of Garth, Alan Jackson, Brooks and Dunn etc.

Another great time you millennials missed.

There was talk at that time of New Country. Seems Old Country wasn’t making it. Old Country was all about drinking, driving trucks, breaking up, drinking, new girlfriends, jail, girlfriends leaving, drinking in phone booths…basically what’s in every Merle Haggard song.

Then along came Garth and he sang about love and tolerance, dating cougars, the commitment of a rodeo lifestyle. So all the other country singers thought “Wow!’. And they started writing songs about drinking, driving trucks, breaking up, drinking, new girlfriends, jail, girlfriends leaving, drinking in phone booths…but with loud drummers.

Taking a break from WROR Boston’s Classic Rock (I don’t think I can listen to More Than a Feeling one more time this year) I stumbled on the New Country station in the area. Although I was supposed to be reviewing the CMA Awards a couple of weeks ago  I really zoned out on anything other than the weird country grunge/fairytale princess dress code. Here was my chance to really get into the new country.

I wrote this in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep. Later I realized that the station I was listening to was from Rhode Island and I only got it by chance. Since then I found a singer/songwriter station on Sirius and I’ve been listening to Jackson Browne and Carol King.

MTV Video Music Awards

miley-cyrus--2013-mtv-video-music-awards06 Recently I was able to observe the generation that is the Future Of America on YouTube in the form of the MTV Awards, or as I like to call it – The End of Civilization As We Know It.

Since 1984 MTV has been presenting this carnival of bad behavior and I have usually avoided it like the plague. But the uproar about the Miley Cyrus, ahem, performance has made me realize that although all generations have done stupid and/or embarrassing things. Today’s hipsters have it all over every generation since…Oh I don’t know…the beginning of time.


The weekend  before I saw a special on Ed Sullivan and rock and roll.
For us Ed was Music TV. We saw The Beatles, Beach Boys, Supremes, Animals, Mamas and the Papas, Temptations, Doors and on and on. I figured it would be and interesting comparison.

will-smith-jaden-willow-reaction-miley-cyrus-vmas-2013We seem to have hit the edge of the universe in being more outrageous that the last generation. I can’t believe I miss drunk/stoned hair bands of the 80’s mumbling some kind of comments about winning the award for Best Spandex Costume.

The rest of the show was a parade of people I didn’t know giving awards to people I’ve never heard of. By the way…that is the least disturbing photo of Miley Cyrus I could find.


One generation hating the next generation’s music is a time honored tradition. I’m sure Beethoven’s fans would yell downstairs, “Are you kids listening to that Mozart crap again? Damn harpsichords!”.

Requiem for a Camcorder

We all have a favorite tool.

OK…we’ll all wait while those of you with an adolescent sense of humor finish laughing.

Are we finished?

OK…Now, no matter what your job in life, at some point you have a favorite, ahhh…something. It could be a hammer, a fry pan or a computer keyboard. I can remember an old girlfriend crying when she had to replace her mascara, “That was my favorite mascara brush!” what ever it is , it’s something that you use a lot and it just works.

clip_image001Today I say goodbye to my trusty Sony DCR-HC85. This camcorder has travelled twice to Europe, a couple of times to the Caribbean, to birthdays, graduations and vacations. It captured 3 dogs, 5 houses, 4 states and 7 vehicles in glorious digital color. But now it’s time has come.

Younger and sexier, Hi Definition has become the standard as plain old digital MiniDV joins VHS, Beta, Super 8 and U-Matic in the graveyard of archaic video formats.

The rest of this entry went into way too much detail about certain events captured by it’s unblinking eye. Because I want to still live with my wife and be able to visit my Grandkids I decided to leave you all wondering… 

I guess I can close this randomness with some previews of upcoming episodes.

  • The new Baby! A new grandgirl entered our life on Jan 14 and I’m sure there will be pictures.
  • My past reviews of past Olympics. With the Winter Olympics bearing down upon us like a the Moscow Express I’ll be digging up my reviews of the 2010 Vancouver Icefest.
  • More pictures of Bingo.

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