Grammys…How I love ya, How I love ya, My dear old Grammys…

It’s hard to comment on on Sunday night’s Grammy show because I had it on mute most of the time…not too good for a music show. I did see Paul and Ringo, Stevie Wonder and Willie, Kris, Merle and the guy from The Voice.

Let’s see…the surviving Beatles (Side note: Shouldn’t it be the surviving Stones? Mick, Keith and company tore it up waaaay worse than the Lads from Liverpool…how the hell did they survive?) Anyway.
So, Sir Paul hammers out some bland song called Queenie Eye from his new album on a piano left over from the Magical Mystery Tour as Ringo kept time in the back.

Hey Paul

imgres It was fifty years ago today,
You made us all want to play
Now you’re pounding out a brand new song
And none of us can sing along

So let me just suggest to you
The music that we want to hear is
Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Baaa-a-and.

You twit.

Stevie Wonder has won about a pharrell-daft-punk-grammy-600x396billion Grammys. He has enough to start his own scrap metal business. Why is he being trotted out to act as a sideman to forgettable contemporary acts? In 2009 he played back up with the Jonas Brothers (the flavor of the month purveyors of weenie pop pre-Justin Beiber)  And if that weren’t insulting enough, this year he was playing a toy piano while some clown in a bad Mounties hat, left over from the Vancouver Olympics, pranced around as a couple of guys in Star Wars costumes were DJing. How does playing records (or CDs or tracks or beats or WHATEVER) somehow qualify you for the Grammys?



Later things got really creaky as the Highwaymen came out and played. OK, I know Willie is like 103 years old and Kris and Merle aren’t that far behind but do ya think the oh-so-hip music crowd (who will be long forgotten when they reach Willie’s age) could have looked a little less bored?



I realize I’m in the same position as the Grammy voters of 1966. The Beatles had completely taken over he music scene and they gave Roger Miller the Grammy for best Rock and Roll Vocal and Single…for King of the Road!
Yeah – I liked Roger Miller, but the Beatles had released Revolver that year! Taxman, Eleanor Rigby, Here There and Everywhere, Got to Get You Into My Life…even Yellow Submarine. I think they were just resisting the oncoming wave of  “…that damn kid’s music”.




Unfortunately this wave of music looks like this.



And sounds like this:
Rap is the new Rock and Roll. We be the rock stars, and I’m the biggest of them all.”
                     -Kanye West




My Editors at the Hanover Times Picayune and Super Coupon Clipper Newspaper have reminded me that I need to get on this Olympics thing, so next up…

Babes of the Russian Olympics Team!

Stay Tuned.


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