Whilst Waiting for the Closing Ceremonies

The best non-Olympic programming I’ve seen was the “50 Year Anniversary of The Beatles Playing in New York City on The Ed Sullivan Show on Sunday Night Celebration”.  Do you think we’ll be watching the 50 year anniversary of Miley Cyrus at the MTV Awards in 2063?

In Olympic Spirit News –  a Russian cross-country skier fell and broke his ski. He soldiered on and then fell again which tore the ski to shreds. The commentators were wondering if he could finish when a guy with a new ski ran out on the course and changed it like it was a NASCAR pitstop. That guy? A Canadian ski coach. Canada you are forgiven for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies in Vancouver. It was an incredibly heartwarming moment…which caused the snow to start melting again. crap.




And in a related story…Canadians provide a beer fridge opened by passports.
Again…you are forgiven for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies in Vancouver.




59302-aIO0kLeOyCCQO7ijfaB7qw  There seems to be a great to-do about slier Jackie Chamoun from Lebanon who posed for a sexy sports calendar. There was a video made of the photo session that showed that beneath her shirt she looked – GASP – like a normal human woman! We might remind the fun folk at the Lebanese Olympic Committee that the original athletes in the Olympics competed in the nude. OK, so it was the summer Olympics…
The expected internet response was, of course, people posting pictures of themselves topless at #stripforjackie. Unfortunately, they seemed to be mostly very hairy Lebanese bodybuilders.



From the “Damn…I’m glad I’m watching at home……” file. Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak, said that some Western visitors had been deliberately trying to sabotage their hotel rooms to make Russia look bad. He said “We have surveillance video from the hotels that shows people turn on the shower, direct the nozzle at the wall, and then leave the room for the whole day,”.
Well, that seems like very bad behavior by the hotel guests, and shouldn’t be — wait a second, they’ve got surveillance video of the showers? I’m still looking on YouTube for that footage.

In the “Oh, those kids today” department. Officials have provided 100,000 condoms for the Olympics. This is a Silver Medal performance, as the Brits handed out 150,000 in London just two years ago.  Hail Britannia!

I was curious about events in the Olympics that had been discontinued. In the history of the modern Games many events have come and gone.

1928 was the last year you could cheer on your Skijöring team. This event entailed skiing behind horses. It laid the groundwork for mogul skiing today.
Dog Sled Racing made a brief appearance in 1932 at the height of Dogsled Racing Mania that was sweeping the country. The Germans complained about having to use dachshunds in the race.
Curling was absent from the winter games roster from 1924 to 1998. It was only after the legions of  curling teams looked up from their beers and suddenly realized they had missed the last 18 Olympics that the organizers let them back in…’cause they brought the beer.
Synchronized skating was tried out in 2002. Syncskate (as it’s rarely known) consists of teams of up to 20 members skating in unison forming patterns, kinda like the Ice Capades…in fact just like the Ice Capades…Hey! Wait a minute! This is just Ice Show Skating! 

And my favorite from the Summer Games…The All Around Dumbell Contest, from the 1904 Olympics.

More Olympic News as it happens…and I somehow hear about it.


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