A Ray of Sunshine


Sorry – bear with me…I’m jus’ a lil’ freaked out…

I just sat through the best  hour of network TV I’ve seen in probably 20 years.

I’ve generally abandoned the networks with their CSI rip-offs, marginal talent contests and situation comedies – where the situation ain’t that funny. Yet tonight on ABC they blew the doors off with the start of an incredible mini series.

I normally think of ABC as the network of Love Boat, Battle of the Network Stars and that poor bastard wrecking on the ski jump EVERY week on Wide World of Sports. Drama was more about if Potsie would get his zits cleared up by the prom.
All of a sudden here comes a Hithcock-esque tale that would give Rod Serling a run for his money.

“Resurrection” is a – dare I say, spine tingling – story about people in a small town in Missouri, long dead, reappearing, alive. This story included no aliens, warlocks, vampires, zombies, werewolves, witches, spells, or special effects.

It scared the crap out of me.

1389982152000-133736-3SHOTc-ful This ray of sunshine bolt out of the blue suddenly made me think that there may be a change in the wind.

Could the return of real dramatic entertainment to TV mean the pendulum will start to swing? Will the idea getting a tattoo of Ren and Stimpy on your ass suddenly seem as stupid now as it will in five years? Will coffee drinkers come to the realization that the $5.00 Caramel Macchiato costs about .35 cents to make? Will hipsters…well, just look in the mirror?

Well, probably not. After all, Playboy After Dark didn’t convince us to wear Nehru coats for the rest of our lives.

I just wanted to check in…big changes are in the wind.


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