The smell of a tennis shoe

What I’m talking about is the smell of a new  tennis shoe.

I’m not talking about a $200 pair of “fill in the famous athlete’s nameman made materials – made in a third world sweatshop” type of athletic shoes…I’m talking about rubber, canvas and cloth laces. A smell that takes me back to elementary school and that new pair of Keds or PF Flyers that started the new year.

I just bought a new pair of Vans.


A new season…a fresh start
California was 77 degrees this winter. We moved to Boston, where the average temperature was…blizzard.

Signs of spring in New England:

  • The birds have finally unfrozen from the telephone lines
  • The line is a mile long at the carwash
  • I’ve stopped wearing thermals under my Hawaiian shirts
  • The line is a mile long at the tanning salon
  • Looking out at the formerly snow covered backyard you are amazed at how much a dog can poop over the winter


Of course the return of less than frigid temperatures has fired up the gardener in me. While ensconced in NJ we filled our deck with pots…no, not THAT kind of pot…this kind.


So it was off to the local Garden Center. You remember this place , right?


Well this is how it looked this weekend


When I asked the garden expert Sully where the annual flowers were he said, “Flowers? Ya can’t plant flowers now – the spring frost will kill ‘em”.

Spring Frost? …Really?
So realized that the real Spring tasks were pulling the snowplow markers off the driveway and checking the dog for ticks.

Oh…and evidently Spring is when the top 40 feet of the pine trees break off and come crashing down in the yard.


We’ll continue with updates as spring comes creaking into New England.

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