My dog won’t fetch

I know…this isn’t exactly an earthshaking topic.

Looking at what is hip and cool today I’ve noticed an uptick of videos of people doing the ice bucket challenge. I also stumbled on new and hip singer Shakira’s video showing her skating while legions of fans cheer, wave and froth at the mouth. The next logical leap in my mind was to combine the ice bucket challenge with roller skating…

In amazing show of self control I immediately filed that idea with bungee jumping and stalking Jennifer Aniston.

However, in a recent backyard outing with Bingo I realized I’ve never had a dog who fetched. This is Bingo’s idea of proper retrieving.


Max was more of the sit there and wonder “Why you are throwing things?” school of non-compliance. He graduated at the bottom of his Obedience School class.


Bubba attitude was of the “throw it and I will chew it up” kind of guy.


Muggs was real bad at fetching…until we figured out her eyesight was really bad (the walking into walls gave it away)

Dudley, on the other hand, had enthusiasm…lots of enthusiasm…


And speaking of earthshaking…

Hold the presses #1

Evidently some clown who is stiffing one of the look-alike Kardashian publicity whores had a hankering for chicken fries..




[chik-uh n-frahyz] an adulterated chicken product containing 50 percent or less chicken meat, with other unidentified chicken components, in a suspension of unknown carrier material with 470 calories per serving.


So, Mr. “I’ll Never Have To Work Again” showed off his prize booty of 45 boxes of mystery meat on Instagram and suddenly it’s a headline story! People! This has to stop! Do not encourage these celebrats!



I’m guessing that staring at Kim’s meaty thighs started this whole thing


Note: This photo was absolutely NOT Photoshopped…

(I used Corel)


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