A Brand New You…or, actually – me

OK All my fitness followers…here’s the skinny…well, ok not quite skinny yet.

One week plus into the six week fitness challenge I’m happy to report I’m still alive. For someone “at your age” I think that’s a huge accomplishment.

There were requests for before and after photos…here’s the before…

I know…scary…I think the dog had one paw on the scale when I took this picture. He’s sneaky like that. I will say I took this picture after hammering down my final pre-exercise meal of lasagna…with sausage…oh, and three beers.

The program I’m using is based on the third power of some number b which is the product of three factors of b. More generally, raising b to the n-th power, where n is a natural number, is done by multiplying nfactors of b. The n-th power of b is written bn.

This theory was discovered by the early research of the Inquisition.
Essentially, it is  increasing the workload until you sell out your Mother. Sort of the resistance training equivalent of waterboarding.

Yes, I actually decided to do this voluntarily.

As you may remember from my blog “How to generate tons of traffic to your website and make Million$ on the Internet!”
(Which I was hoping would go viral…I’ve never gone viral…I’ve never even had a little internet cold. I suppose there’s a joke in here about going Ebola…but that wouldn’t be right…right?)

Oh sure, this all makes sense to me but I have the advantage – I’m writing it. Well, the secret to internet millions is the old bait and switch.

385392_10151083817038024_490332539_n Seems the old tatoo-trainer is smarter than his technicolor muscles look. After a week and a half the workout plan, complete with six weeks of daily exercises, the six week diet along with tips and tricks disappears! It is suddenly just gone! Hidden behind a cyber door with a $14.95 a month “subscription” fee.



I’m always been wary of subscriptions that are automatically renewing. I remember when my brother Greg joined the Columbia Record Club…12 albums for only $2.98!


My Dad had to call and tell them Greg died to get them to stop sending Nancy Sinatra records.
Then there was that subscription to the “Salt and Pepper Shaker of the Month” club that no one really wants to talk about.

I know what you’re thinking…you can hear the announcer from the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show…

Is this the end to our fearless hero’s fitness quest?
Has cybercommerce triumphed over cybercommonsense?
Is this really his pitiful excuse for weaseling out on his exercise plan???
Don’t miss next week’s episode…



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