Hall of Shame

Sing along to the tune of the Beverly Hillbillies!

Let me tell you a story
’bout a man named Fred,
A California dude –
still inside his head.

Livin’ on the South Shore
down by the Cape,
He made a resolution
to get himself in shape.

Weight rooms…Adkins diet…

Well the next thing you know
some relatives came by
So he had to feed ‘em lobster
and that cheesy pizza pie.

It would’ve been rude
not to share a beer or two,
And who can resist
when dessert is tiramisu?

So the listing below
is the diet that I ate
The carbs and the sugar
really made me shake.

So starting tomorrow
I’ll get back on the horse,
and see if I can finish
this friggin’ 6 week course!

CPK twice!california-pizza-kitchen




Cheesecake Factory



a Lumberjack Breakfast, 2 burgers, 2 sub sandwiches, Chicken parmesan, bad hipster pizza supreme, lobster roll, chicken with mashed potatoes WITH gravy



9 beers, 







1 gin and tonic



zero workouts

here’s my excuse


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