Fall back…fall forward?

I guess by now we have all recovered from the bi-annual time shift. Bingo is having a bit of a problem because he runs on stomach time.

I have to admit the Spring forward – Fall back thing is sometimes as confusing to me as feed a cold – starve a fever…or starve a cold – feed a fever…or…date a hooker – get a STD…anyway…

We are now in Standard Daylight Time…or as it’s known in New England…winter.


Sunday, the first day of “pitch black at 5:30” time, it snowed. Not enough to get the snow blower fired up but enough to elicit the oft heard comment, “Where the hell are the windshield scrapers?”.

Note to SoCal readers – Windshield scrapers are essential accessories for driving in New England… sorta like cup holders. 

This weekend signals the return of the Polar Vortex – where Canada gives an ice cube enema to the eastern US. Last year it imported the Nome, Alaska climate to South Carolina.

…and then I get this in on my Facebook page


But that isn’t what I want to talk about.

Science has discovered the “Stupidity Virus”

The most amazing thing is it has nothing to do with watching the Kardashians on TV!

A virus known to attack green algae in lakes and rivers can also infect human brains — and it’s making dummies out of us. The virus, called ATCV-1, can impair cognitive activity, learning and memory, essentially making a person who has the virus less intelligent. For those of you with the virus that means that the algae sickie thing is the reason why you do incredibly stupid things and post them on YouTube.

They studied a number of people who had the virus. Researchers noted the presence of the virus was correlated with lower attention spans and a “statistically significant decrease in … visual processing and visual motor speed.”

Which finally brings us to this…the gas powered flashlight


It’s not that this guy spent an huge amount of time making this thing, it’s that when he finally shows off his creation he points the flashlight so we can’t see the beam.

I’ve got a feeling he’s been swimming in the river out back for a lot of years…


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