Hawaiian Time

On Feb 19, I promised a cavalcade of blogs reporting on our escape from the land of ice and snow…
Yes we did go to Hawaii, however…
Seems the fun folk at Norwegian Cruise Lines felt the going price for WiFi should be .75 a MINUTE! Yup, $45. an hour…oh sure, that’s only half as much as a plumber, but we’re talkin’ some serious money here.

I had to make the call…an extra Mai Tai at breakfast or post the blog…

So starting Monday our slightly delayed blog series will be presented in Hawaiian Time (about a week late)


As proof, here is my official Hawaiian Tan Line. No, I’m not going to tell you what part of the ol’ bod this is. Maybe we’ll have a contest – “Identify This Body Part”. (Sorry, medical practitioners are not eligible)




In the upcoming week we will talk about sights and sounds, restaurants, mystery meals, the good, bad and ugly of fellow travelers, activities that run the gamut of terrifying to mind-numbingly dull.

Included will be magnificent photos from Amy and my own shaky video clips.

And I promise…no selfies.

Join us tomorrow for :

1hawaii title


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