Getting there is half the fun…

1hawaii title 

Dateline: February 20
Hello from high above Nebraska…no, Wyoming…hmmm, looks like Nebraska…anyway…

Good morning sleepyheads. While you were getting your beauty sleep or plowing driveways or bailing your kid out we were headed for Logan (voted snowiest airport) to grab a ride to San Francisco, the first leg on our epic journey.

Early mornings at the airport are different. There’s a certain mental haze that engulfs everyone – somewhat like the Denver area has all day now. Gate agents haven’t had to deal with the untravelled or the over-travelled – both a pain in their own special ways. The taxi drivers aren’t awake enough to try risky cutoff moves. The TSA agents haven’t worn a hole in their rubber gloves yet.

Funny thing about air travel…you can drive for six months with the check engine light on in your Corolla…but let one little bitty light come on in the cockpit and it’s off to Sully’s Airplane Repair. So it was no big rush to get to San Francisco…we’re staying here until 6pm – a 6+ hour delay.

We’re sitting in the United Lounge (no rabble allowed) scarfing stale cookies and snax size crackers, listening to other people’s phone conversations. I’m always surprised that humanus corporationus still doesn’t understand that their brand new spiffy 4G iPhone 6 does not work on the same principal as a string and 2 soup cans…yelling does not make it work better.

Sitting in an airport, waiting for an oil change and the tires to be rotated on the ol’ Boeing lends itself to playing the “What did they look like when they got married” game.
A six hour delay in San Francisco can try your patience…make you frustrated…cause you to think of alternatives…I think that’s what happened to Bruce Jenner – too many layovers in San Fran.

We finally were winging our way to Honolulu after playing musical chairs with the seating on the airplane. This plane was a little smaller and the rows were numbered differently (I think it was metric seating) so everybody had to throw their tickets in a big barrel and the gate agents picked them out like bingo callers at the VFW. I think some people were on folding chairs in the baggage compartment.



We arrived at HNL exactly 24 hours after we began the journey. A quick trip using the scenic route to pad the meter and our taxi driver deposited us at the Aston Waikiki Hotel directly across the street from Waikiki Beach where they were having a midnight Scream At The Top Of Your Lungs contest.  

We awoke at the leisurely hour of 3 am…that’s 9 am Boston time. That gave us 10 hours to get to the boat. First on the agenda…a walk around Waikiki to see all the fancy hotels we aren’t going to  stay in.

DSC_0356 DSC_0321 DSC_0339 











An interesting start to the trip – let’s get on the boat! 


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