Hawaii, the Big Island

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The Hawaiian Islands are made up of 8 islands. The largest island is named Hawaii…because Manhattan was already taken.

We got to experience two towns on Hawaii…the island…not the state.

First we docked at Hilo.


Hilo is closest to Mount Kilauea the only active volcano on the islands. By active volcano they mean erupting…as in molten lava flowing from the enter of the earth, burning it’s way across anything in it’s way in a deadly, fiery march to the sea.



The people of Hilo seem to drink a lot.


Most activities in Hilo seem to revolve around the volcano in one way or another. There were helicopter rides over the volcano, hikes through lava fields, lectures about first aid for burns.


We opted for a tour called the Hop On – Hop Off Bus…basically a fleet of old school buses that circle the island hot spots and you can hop on or hop off (clever, what?) at each  stop at your whim.


First hop off was the famous Rainbow Falls.
This is not our photo.
Evidently the rainbow appears waaay too early for people who are up all night singing in the karaoke bar.



Amy did capture this beautiful image.









From there we hopped off to explore Hilo. There were Pineapples. Puppy dogs. Parks. And probably the coolest lizard ever.






We ended up at the famous black sand beach (created by volcano sand, of course) where sea turtles come to sunbathe. Imagine hundred year old creatures, leathery wrinkled skin, crawling out of the water…it was just like being at the ship’s pool.


Truthfully, sleeping turtles aren’t exactly the most exciting thing for video but they were kinda cool. The black sand beach was sandy…and black…


I ended the evening with a return to the karaoke bar, thinking better singers would be attracted to the Norwegian Karaoke Idol contest.
It was just like watching American Idol…the tryout episodes. A very drunk, chubby gay man singing “Your So Vain” cheered on by his crowd ended the evening for me.
Amy stayed in the room and watched the shipboard version “The Not So Newlywed Game”. In this version a cheerful cruise staff member, who was too young to remember Bob Eubanks, asked slightly off-color questions to people his grandparents age.


Thank God we’re going to Kona…I need some coffee…and I don’t even drink coffee…

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3 thoughts on “Hawaii, the Big Island

  1. The only think cooler than seeing the gecko was knowing we would not have to see that many 80 year olds in one place for like 30 years

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