Hawaii 5-Oh! the Big Island part two

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In our last exciting episode we were sneaking out of Hilo in the dark of night.
Morning found us in the harbor of Kona. We had to “tender in” which is ship talk for loading old unsteady people into bobbing life rafts and hauling them in to the Rodeo Drive of the Pacific…if Rodeo Drive shops sold Hawaiian shirts, beads and flip flops.


I think we had to park out in the bay because Kona was over it’s limit for confused vacationers. I’ve never seen so many people with their noses buried in vaguely accurate tourist maps. Kona sorta felt like the St. Thomas of Hawaii…the last stop for t-shirts, trinkets, and other crap people back home will put in their garage sale next Labor Day.

We saw Hulihe’e Palace…King Kamehameha’s palace. Interestingly we also saw the ol’ King’s palace on every other island we have visited. Seems King “K” slept in almost as many places as George Washington.

We were offered a taste of Kona coffee a couple of times.
We don’t drink coffee, so we refused. The reaction was usually a stony glare, except the last guy who said, “Cool brah…how ‘bout some smoke?”.
Amy made me come with her to look at boats made out of sea shells.

We settled for lunch


The kids went back to the beach to practice snorkeling so they will be ready when snorkel season opens in Iowa.

Kona had some beautiful views and Amy wasted no time capturing as much of the flora, fauna and frightening as she could.















As close as Amy would let me get to a hula dancer







These are some of the most beautiful boards I’ve ever seen. The guy making them was an investment broker working on Wall St. He decided to hang it up, move to Hawaii and make carbon fiber boards with rare wood veneers. Bitchin’ dude!






Back on ship we were treated to a Jimmy Buffett Tribute Show starring recording star Toby Beau. Yeah, I know, I had to Google “recording star Toby Beau” too. They had a hit “My Angel Baby” in 1978. Now, this isn’t the 1960 do-wop song “Angel Baby” it’s a sorta lame 70’s ballad that hit and then disappeared just as fast.  I guess he went directly from Dick Clark’s Cavalcade of Stars to the cruise ship circuit.
Fortunately the crowd was more interested in the margaritas than “Margaritaville”.

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