Top 10 Things To Do in New England in the Spring


Number 10 –
Prepare a report to the insurance company about how you ran off the road in your car due to “black ice”

Number 9 –
Vow to cut down drinking at Sully’s Bar from 6 days a week to 4 days a week.

Number 8 –
Stock up on milk, bread and eggs in preparation for the next blizzard.

Number 7 –
Use your snowblower in the backyard to throw all the dog poop over the fence into the neighbor’s yard

Number 6 –
Start to take down the Christmas lights…and then say, “Ahhh to hell wid it”.

Number 5 –
Get drunk and jump up on the bar at Sully’s and yell, “I’ve got a bigger icicle than any man in the house!”

Number 4 –
Hide Easter eggs for the kids by throwing them off the roof into a snowbank.

Number 3 –
Pull out the video of your honeymoon in the Caribbean with your first wife…and watch it for the fourth time.

Number 2 –
Break into uncontrolled sobbing when the Gurney’s Seed and Nursery Catalog arrives.

And the Number 1 thing to do in New England in the Spring

Realize it’s St. Patrick’s Day this month and head back to Sully’s.


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