Spring Is Here!!!

Today is the first day of Spring

Actually it begins at 6:45pm today on the east coast…only a few more hours of winter to go. Whoo Hoo…

The first sign of Spring…the snow has melted over the septic tank.DSC00088

The snow has also started to melt out back – revealing the deck chairs like Vanna White turning letters, “Is there a green one, Pat?”DSC00089

This morning Bingo, the ever watchful lap dog, suddenly began barking his head off at the glass door. Seems he had sighted the season’s first deer or rabbitus on hoofitus. This is the first deer I’ve seen since moving here. In New Jersey we were overrun with deer. There were more deer in New Jersey than people who said “fergetabouit“.

I wasn’t too fond of deer.

They are eating machines – sorta like adolescent boys.
In our time in NJ we spent over $4000. feeding lovely nursery plants to the ravaging hoards of white tails. There were many remedies to protecting one’s landscaping.  Hanging fabric softener strips and/or wrapped bars of soap from trees, using hot pepper sprays, garlic and rotten egg mixtures, ammonia-soaked rags, and bags of hair and/or blood meal around the garden.
I suppose if you want your yard to look like a scene from a bad horror movie those would be great ideas. I opted for planting marigolds and snapdragons…the only things they wouldn’t touch. The ring of land mines was effective too.

Listening to the radio I heard about the Massachusetts Adopt-A-Pothole campaign. You call in your favorite pothole and they send you a 50 pound bag of cold patch and a box of road flares.

I think they started this after the highly successful Adopt-A-Lonely-Lobster-Fisherman program from last summer.


By the way…
There is a complete solar eclipse going on over Africa, Europe and Russia and a chance of snow this afternoon. Somehow I want to blame it on Al Gore.

As a Post Script –
My daughter just called
They’re celebrating Spring
She called from Disneyland

Feeling 😦


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