Plussing Easter

We don’t get to Des Moines enough.

I realize that may seem like a strange declaration to some of you. I’m sure that’s a phrase seldom heard at the monthly meeting of the Friends of the Museum of Modern Art (or Froma-MoMA. as they are seldom referred to). I don’t think I ever heard that uttered at the bar in the Beverly Hills Hotel and I know it would not echo in the halls of Washington DC unless it was an election year.

We have six very good reasons for planning a trip there.

Two kids, two spouses and one grand girl and one on the way. The first young lady made her appearance two years ago on April 18…which translated to Good Friday last year.

In an interesting similarity, her mother was born the day before Thanksgiving which results in the enviable Thanksgiving/Birthday party. This necessitated either a birthday cake shaped like a turkey or a Butterball with a candle up it’s butt…but I digress.

This year we figured a relaxing trip to the West Coast would be a really nice way to get them out of that horrible Midwest cold.

It was 83 degrees in Des Moines yesterday…there’s still 3 inches of snow in my front yard. Seriously?

The plan is to take the Mallory 3.6 crowd to Disneyland at the end of April. We did our defrost duty earlier this year for the boy and wife with a little trip to Hawaii. You late comers can relive that experience starting with this blog entry.

Anyway…my grand idea is to lead a two year old, her pregnant Mommy and Dad (No…he’s not pregnant, but…well…you know what I mean) on a whirlwind weekend in good ol’ SoCal.
But enough about me…lets talk about Easter

More importantly let’s talk about Easter Bunnies…mall Easter Bunnies.

We all know about the Santa-trauma that raises it’s ugly head as we ramp up into the Christmas season but now various merchants have decided to double down on children’s psychological wounds by convincing young mothers that they absolutely NEED a photograph of their little darling on the lap of some poor college kid dressed in a frightful Easter Rabbit costume.

How bad can it get? Check out the bunny our tax dollars paid for.


Here the president whispers what the initials POTUS really stand for.

Now lets see how bad it has gotten


This is nice . That perfect balance of frightening and yet woefully inept. This guy looks like he should be going to a comics convention.


I guess the solution to holding the squirming kid long enough to fire off one of those $14.95 photos is the bury your choppers into her scalp.


Does anyone else see a demented clown with fuzzy ears?



I can only assume that this furry fellow was designed by the guy who did the makeup for the last few vampire movies. Sure hope she didn’t turn around.



I realize that this poor schmuck is pulling down minimum wage for this gig and probably needs a doobie break but how did the costume get stoned?


Then there is the worst Easter Bunny picture of all time…no I shouldn’t show you…


OK..but don’t spread this around the office




Annnnd we are done!


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