Sorry for not writing…

I’ve been dealing with a bout of PHVS

Post Hawaiian Vacation Syndrome

The BBQ Snow-O-Meter sez…are you freakin’ kidding! This was a week before Easter!


Oh sure…the snow has melted. The temperature has slowly crept into the high 40’s…

A few short weeks ago lovely, tanned, barely-legal-age ladies would bring me exotic drinks. Last night Sally at the diner argued with me about asking for honey mustard dippin’ sauce…”Gonna hafta charge ya fer that!”

I am not reacclimating…

Amy kinda noticed this and in true “Best Wife in the World” fashion she suggested I extend my trip to SoCal while she is in Europe next week.

Big Gold Star for the Girl!!!

So starting Thursday you loyal readers can tag along on our “Take a two year old and her pregnant Mommy and Daddy to Disneyland on Vacation” experiment.
After which I get to go to all the restaurants Amy misses and take pictures of her favorite dishes.

There will be copious video.

See ya starting on Thursday.




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