Computer shamed at LAX

I am not a road warrior. I like a big ol’ desktop PC computer. I like a separate keyboard. I like a big screen monitor.

That’s why my laptop is an antique.

Old, in the computer world, is anything that has dust on it…my machine qualifies as antique.

While waiting at the airport for the Iowa delegation I started up my HP (it has a kick starter) and waited the requisite 3 minutes for it to wake up it’s creaky electronics enough to play the Windows song…the Windows XP song. The start up song that echoed through boardrooms and frequent flyer lounges all through the 90’s. Today it’s like having a portly golfer drop a dollar in the jukebox, play “Baby Got Back”, and walk away saying, “YEAH! Now THAT’S rockin’”.


As I tried to stifle the charming little tune I heard a couple of kids sitting behind me comment…

“Is that the XP song?”

“Yeah..I think it was the first computer program”

“I remember it from 3rd grade…”

I wanted to whirl around and yell “Oh yeah! Well I had to do geometry with a slide rule and the only selfies we had were crappy Polaroid’s!!!”

But there wasn’t and need for embarrassing myself further.

I only mention this because my triumphant announcement that this weeks blogs would be filled with video…well…this laptop can’t handle HD video. So while (or whilst, as my lovely Amy would say, as she is in London this week) I have upgraded my cameras I‘ve neglected to upgrade the ol’ puter.

I made a bunch of really cool title pages

















Oh well…
So I will be posting whatever stills I grab and get the moving type pictures posted when I get home.

Anticipation…it’s a good thing…


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