Dinner for One – Episode 1

Well, it looks like the lovely Miss Amy is going to be hopping over the pond quite a bit between now and June, leaving me and the dog…or the dog and I…or you and me and we are all together…ku ku ka chu…


So it’s going to be a bit quiet around the dinner table for a while so I thought I’d have all of you over for dinner.

Tonight we’re serving Chicken Claret.

I must have cooked about a thousand of these with Mark and Geoff at Centre Court Restaurant. It was my go-to recipe for small intimate dinner parties…for two…at my apartment…

Hey…it was the 70’s!

Oh…how do I make it?

Well, first get a smallish chicken breast for each serving. Yeah I know, all the breasts today are huge – so if it’s too big butterfly it. Now you need to pound it to an even thickness. We’re not making scaloppini so that doesn’t mean to pound it like a bookie collecting a debt…just make it even.


We’re going to sauté this, so do the flour, egg wash, breadcrumbs thing and toss it into a sauté pan.


In another pan melt butter, add garlic, lemon juice, chicken base and wine – you know, plain old scampi butter. Toss in 3 large whole  mushroom caps and get them started.


The chicken will take about 3-4 minutes a side to cook…if you’re not sure cut it a little bit to check…I won’t tell.


By now the mushrooms should be going OK so throw in 3 medium to large shrimp, cleaned with no tails. The shrimp will cook super fast when they’re opaque and curled up, it’s time for the fun part.




Put the 3 shrimp on top of the chicken.








Now artfully arrange the mushroom caps on the shrimp.







Get a couple of slices of mozzarella cheese and drape it over the whole mess and stick it under the broiler.




While melting the cheese take some marinara sauce and pour it into the remaining shrimp/mush butter.


When the cheese is melted put the stack of deliciousness on a plate and pour the sauce over it.

TA – DA!


All ready! Let’s sit down, shall we? Wine? 

Ya know, I can’t believe all the talk about “Small Houses”. There’s TV shows, magazine articles, demonstrations at Home Depot.

Can anyone say…uh, trailer?  And a pretty crappy one at that.
Here’s one really dressed out from the 1950’s




And here’s one of those “small houses”


Not exactly enough room for a Weber on the deck.


This must be the spacious foyer, living, rec room, office, “Oh my God I’m going out of my freakin’ mind!!!” room


Well, at least there’s room for four hippie chicks in the sleeping loft…bitchin’ dude.

All in all…I’ll take the old trailer.

And in “The End of Civilization As We Know It” News…
BOTH the the Jenner offspring and Kanye West were booed at the Billboard Awards last night. There may be hope for humanity yet.










Kanye a doctor? That doctorate is as fake as the giant watch some other rapper used to wear as his symbol. Oh yeah, that degree…It’s from Chicago, of course.

Hope you enjoyed our little dinner.

Stop by tomorrow…OK? About 7?

See ya then.


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