Prego isn’t just for spaghetti…

Day 1.5…Roma

Arriving Saturday morning with approximately 2.4 hours of sleep under my belt and a 6 hour time change I arrive at the hotel. It is a “boutique hotel”. One of those trendy-ass places people who read Vogue Magazine whisper about in the 1st Class Lounge at the airport.


Can you find the hotel? Neither could my cab driver…here’s a hint…


Yup the door to the right of the shoe store…yes I’ve walked into the shoe store 4 times…I think that’s why they call it a boutique hotel.

Amy was ready to go so, not wanting to look like tourists, we decided to take a tour of the city. The obvious choice was to rent a horse drawn carriage. Subtle – nice and subtle.


Evidently the same traffic rules apply to horses as Fiats. It is pedestrian beware. We scattered a crowd of Asians tourists like a 9th frame strike and sideswiped a number of other vacationers engaged in that popular sport “Taking cell phone pictures of things 1800 years old that I’ll never look at again”.
An interesting note…between our driver and every other tour guide I’ve overheard, everything in Rome is 1800 years old. Since the internet I get in the hotel is in Italian I can’t really fact-check.

DSC00080 On our circle tour we passed all of the 1500 churches in Rome (all over 1800 years old). Our driver said most Romans don’t go to church, “but hey…we gots the Pope!” We asked to do a drive by on Ancient Rome and we were corrected…”It’s Original Roma.”
There, after block after block of souvenir stands, stood the glory of Rome…The Forum and the Coliseum. As soon as we got within 50 yards we were attacked by swarms of street sellers. We seemed to look like we were in desperate need of selfie sticks, shawls and “free” roses. Beating them off like John Wayne in Stagecoach we galloped back to safety of the winding cobble stone streets of Rome. Amy was able to practice her favorite sport photo-sniping. There were pretty girls, characters and an unexplained mannequin parade.







We went to an early dinner at 8:30pm.

I am recovering enough to post my next report.



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