Bingo’s 4th


Hello…my name is Bingo.

I am the second cutest dog in the world (I know, I know…your dog is the cutest).

I just got back from what they call “a trip”. The Lead Dog and the Redhead took me somewhere.


To get there you have to get into one of the boxes outside the house with couches inside them. Then it rattles and shakes and the whole time there are movies playing all around you.. They are boring movies. Oh sure, I like a good tree documentary but this lasted from breakfast until way after afternoon snack time. Then everything stops and somehow you are magically somewhere else. If anyone knows how this happens let me know.

The Lead Dog kept saying “Wow this is lucky…look at all the traffic heading for the Cape.” This is what the movie was playing.


We went to a big house. Even bigger than our house where it’s warm all the time. But we only stayed in one room. I was dog tired.


There were plants and trees and a waterfall inside the big house…which I thought was a great idea…but I still had to go outside to pee and poop. Again if anyone understands this I’ll give you my email.

Every morning they would have a bacon festival. After I smelled everything and “did my business” the people would take me back to the room and go to the bacon festival. They would come back to the room with a few little pieces of bacon for me. They said I couldn’t go because other people were having a “reunion”


At the big house there were lots of other people staying there. There were kids and big people and old people. I kept hearing they were having a “reunion”. I guess a reunion is where everyone goes to a big house and then runs around yelling very loud until very late at night.

I guess it was kinda like when I go to my hotel that they only allow dogs at. I see old friends and we all sniff each other’s butts. But I didn’t see much butt sniffing at the “reunion”…so maybe it’s a little different.

My people played one game a lot. They all sat in a circle and took turns saying “So – what do you want to do?” and then everyone else would say “I don’t know – what do you want to do?”

I don’t understand this game…it didn’t make anybody happy.



One day the Redhead said, “I’m going to work out”. I don’t understand what that meant. She left the little room. The Lead Dog continued to sleep…which I do understand. So I joined him…he said it was the best part of the trip.


By the end of the trip I think the Lead Dog was ready to go. He kept saying “We need to get on the road”. I think he was entered in a contest.


When  we got home he had caught a buzzy flying thing with the big box with the couches. The Redhead was very excited…so I guess the “trip” was successful.

It was really nice to get home…



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