The Mad Men Conundrum…


I’m surprised that so many of the people who are bemoaning the end of a TV show about people  who look like this.


Actually look like this…


I grew up living with the first group. Suits and ties, shined shoes, white gloves for the ladies, a pipe after dinner. They were our parents, our teachers, our first boss. They trekked mighty distances to get to school


They didn’t just have tools in the garage…they had TOOLS.
Grinders, drill press, radial arm saw…and a lot of the time a welder…and they knew how to use them.  And in the 60’s we rebelled against these people.


Then I saw this on the internet…

ScreenHunter_92 May. 22 12.28

This made me angry…and disappointed.
Now the internet is teaching basic living skills.
There aren’t 11 steps to changing a tire (unless you’re dialing an international number on your cell phone). You won’t have to jump start your car on a lonely road – the battery goes dead when you’re parked in front of a buddy’s girlfriend’s apartment…usually.
And this is from Esquire “a magazine for men”.

In the 1930’s Esquire was a refined periodical with an emphasis on men’s fashion and contributions by Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald.  In the 1940s, the popularity of the Petty Girls and Vargas Girls provided a circulation boost. In the 1960s, Esquire helped pioneer the trend of New Journalism by publishing such writers as Norman Mailer,  Gay Talese, Tom Wolfe.

There were no articles on how to change a tire, fix a faucet or put up a ceiling fan. It was assumed real men knew how to DO things.

I heard my wonderful and patient wife say the other day, “What the heck happened to men?”


This is what happened…


January 1970, The Phil Donahue Show entered nationwide syndication. Five minutes later if a guy wanted to get lucky he had to be “sensitive” (except in some bars in San Bernardino). Women wanted us weeniefied. Or so they thought. They wanted us nodding at every stupid feminist declaration…

Note: I am a firm believer in equal pay for equal work and there is NEVER a time when hitting a woman is OK…even if you’re a NFL player.

And the outcome of this grand social experiment? Wussy basement dwelling “gamers” or a-hole “bros” with no sense of responsibility or direction. Thanks Phil…

And in breaking news…
Just saw and article about “Caitlin Jenner’s most memorable outfits”…
How about this one?

More news as soon as I think it’s important.


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