We have a dog, his name is Bingo…

Bingo came with us from San Diego. We have just found out he is very sick.

Bingo came to us through San Diego Spaniel Rescue. He had been found on the streets of Riverside, CA by the dog catcher animal control. The rescue people pulled him out of there and boarded him in their facility. We found him on their website.


On a Saturday a lady brought this nervous, scared bundle to us.



As he walked around on the patio he was leaving wet footprints. It took me a minute to realize he hadn’t stepped in water…his feet were sweating. At 18 months he’s already had some tough times. He was skinny and obviously had a few dustups on the street. We took him for a two week trial (yeah right!).











Amy sealed his love for her by dropping a full string cheese stick right in front of him, about 5 minutes after he walked into the house. It also imprinted on him that when the Girl is in the kitchen, there will be food on the floor.









Soon he was part of the family but his “Pound Name” was Amos. He was no Amos, besides, if I was yelling at someone Amy and Amos were too close. I didn’t want any confusion.

One day we were talking…well, I was talking and he was listening, and I said the word ”ping”. His head snapped around and his ears shot up in recognition.
“Ping?” I said again. He looked at me like,”Yeah, yeah you’re getting it”.
Who would name their dog Ping except a Chinese guy or a golfer? I tried again. “Bing?”
The recognition factor was completely off the scale, “Bingo?”
He practically leap into the air like a Cirque du Soleil performer. He would have given me a thumbs up…if he had thumbs. He has gladly answered to Bingo since.




We soon learned that he was a relaxed dog. He never found a cool flat place he didn’t like.




DSC_0269 A lot of dogs are good with kids but to have a rescue-puppy let toddlers pull at him like he was a stuffed toy required a special kind of guy, and that is Bingo. I think he liked their smell…which I will never understand. All the G-Kids love him and ask to see him on FaceTime.

He has is idiosyncrasies. He refuses to be restrained. Tie him up with a leash meant to hold a 150 pound Rottweiler and he’ll snip through it like a Beauty Queen cutting the ribbon at the opening of a new car dealership.
He believes in a free range system. Like the time he took off after a rabbit on Thanksgiving morning and came back with about 4000 burrs in his coat just as the timer went off for the pies.

He hates the car. It doesn’t matter if we were going to the vet or to get ice cream on a summer evening. He took one road trip – he stood the whole way. It was like taking a crowded subway from Boston to New Jersey.





Bingo is a total babe magnet. Every girl from 6 to 60 immediately falls in love with him. One of the first times we took him to the beach there was a craft fair. Amy disappeared into one of the stalls while Bingo and I hung out. When she returned I was surrounded by six or seven young ladies in tiny bikinis.
Yes…they were admiring Bingo.






Bingo is the dreamingest dog I’ve ever known. Besides the running in place chasing dream squirrels and his soft sleepy woofing, there are the times he howls like a wolf and then sits up, awake, and looks around like, “What the hell was that?”

Bingo has done his job. As friend, good listener and companion.

He just has had too short a time with us.

I wanted to write this before he is gone. I wanted to be able to tell him that his story is now out in the digital consciousness of the world. Maybe someday a little girl will click on his picture and think “cute doggie” and smile.


Thanks for all the smiles Bingo.


I think this situation will bring to a close to this blog. It just sort of feels like  putting one foot in front of the other now, doing what needs to be done.
Thanks to all my 17 readers for  tagging along, feel free to share.


One thought on “We have a dog, his name is Bingo…

  1. I do enjoy your blogs and will miss them when they are gone, but this one really hits home. Your connection to Bingo is quite special, you nailed it.

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